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I have a U. S. issued drivers licenseI have a foreign drivers license and understand that I must purchase a Temporary Drivers license permit which is law and allows me to drive in the U. S. Virgin Islands.

(If Return Location is different from your pickup location additional charges may apply)

Flight Information

If the information is not on hand or is unknown at the moment you can put TBD (To Be Determine. In order to expedite your rental process upon arrival it is recommended that you inform us of the additional information at least 48hrs prior to your rental pickup date.

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I’m already on Island and will need a ride to pick up my rental (A Rental Agent will contact you with a list of nearby pickup areas)I’m already on island and will come to the office to pickup my rental

Pay now rate $70 per day (Full amount is due)Book Now Pay later rate $75 per day (Requires $100 deposit)1-2 days rate $100 per day (No Refund, CREDIT ONLY)

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